About GeoOptics

GeoOptics was founded by working scientists, engineers, and data users in response to the increasingly urgent need for actionable information about the state of our planet and the impacts of human activity on quality of life and on Earth’s future. We are dedicated to providing the most detailed picture possible of our planet’s atmosphere, surface and subsurface.

Accelerating changes in Earth’s environment affect our lives in myriad ways. Weather, water, air quality, vegetation, ocean circulation, invasive species, and solar activity are just a few of the factors affecting us on local, regional, and global scales. Understanding and predicting the processes that shape our environment has become more urgent as population expands and becomes more dependent on a vulnerable technology base. Extreme events (hurricanes, tornados, drought, tsunamis) are claiming an increasing toll in life and property, and appear to be growing more intense as the climate warms.

GeoOptics is developing a constellation of small satellites to collect data about Earth’s climate and environment from low Earth orbit (LEO). The constellation is called CICERO and the first operational satellite was launched in January 2018, and more are coming soon.


We have a mission to provide the best data available not just to our customers, but to users around the world. We are commercializing our technologies not to limit their uses to a select few but to make them available more quickly and more completely to everyone. This is most succinctly realized in our most important principle:

All CICERO data will be provided free for any research purpose

This is a pledge to the scientific community, but it is also a promise to ourselves as scientists and citizens of the world. If you are a researcher interested in using our data, please get in touch. We’d love to hear from you.